Susi Iodice (Naples, August 16, 1977) grew up among cribs, so she could admire and be fascinated, since childhood, by the art that took shape under the hands of her dad Antonio and her older brother Carmine. It is therefore a “playful” approach with which she moves her first steps in the varied world of crib art.
Amusement and passion that can find a stop when her father dies: yet, thanks to that emotionally strong event, Susi grows her own need to give continuity to the activity her dad Antonio had devoted so much love all his life. So, she joins her brother Carmine and with great determination she begins to learn the different techniques of crib processing.
This represents a new phase of her relationship with the world of artistic cribs, so the “observation” is gradually replaced by the “concrete making”, the ideation, the creation, the learning. Thus, besides the “apprenticeship” offered by her brother, Susi also acquired the knowledge and techniques thanks to a regional course on crib crafts organized by the Neapolitan section of the Friends of the Nativity Italian Association.
Today, Susi Iodice has specialized in the dressing up of cribs’ shepherds, according to the Neapolitan tradition of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in wax modelling and in the creation of crib accessories. She actively takes part into the initiatives and exhibitions organized in Italy and abroad by A.I.A.P. Naples; for some years she was also a member of the Artistic Committee of the Association.
The knowledge and skills acquired through her family and the training experiences offered by A.I.A.P. and its daily activities, have then been “shared” by Susi Iodice, as a teacher, with the participants of the courses organized by A.I.A.P. Of Naples, taking care of the didactic activities related to the dressing of shepherds and the creation of accessories.
And of that artistic and emotional legacy which Dad Antonio gave her years before, Susi is always memorial, and in 2010, just in memory of her father, together with Carmine, she made a permanent crib (2.10 x 1.25 meters ) donated to and hosted by SS Cosma and Damiano Church in Secondigliano.
The tangible and representative sign of the crib artisan tradition of the Iodice family.