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Sara Lubrano


Sara Lubrano is an art-loving artisan.
She has loved hand-creating for all her life.

“I have always had a sensitive and creative soul, as a child I was different from other children, because I was not fond of TV or computer games, but I used to like manual labour works and crochet, making necklaces and bracelets with flowers, painting pictures”.

A family journey to New York was an important experience for Sara’s life and work.
“There were little shops full of bowls of stones and gems and jewellery stands, with instructions to make them and suggestions about tools and materials to buy in the shop. I bought all sorts of things there and my case was absolutely full of stuff to create new objects. I immediately started to realize ear-rings and bracelets for all friends and relations.”.
Sara does not come from an artisan family. Her passion is strong and appreciated by her parents, but it is not enough. She decides to study Economy at the University, as everybody does in her social milieu.
But her passion for jewellery does not stop. It intensifies, together with Sara’s skill. Her parents understand and help her, and so she goes to Rome and she enlists in a course of goldsmithing at the “Goldsmithing Academy”(“Accademia delle Arti Orafe”). That stimulating and international atmosphere is essential for her artistic education.
“There were people coming from Europe, America, Asia. I could understand the importance of jewellery in different countries and cultures.”.
After the Academy, Sara comes back to Napoli and gets in touch with the “Borgo degli Orefici” (“Goldsmithing Village“): she brings her creations there and a Neapolitan goldsmith appreciates the quality of her productions. She starts working with him and enters the world of the Neapolitan artistic jewellery.
Firstly, she creates and produces for other people, then she decides to sell her jewels by herself. She opens a shop in Chiaia street, but it is in a courtyard inside a building, people cannot see it, and her start-up is not easy.
“ I did not want a shop in the street because I was afraid of showing too much, I was alone and inexperienced, but a shop in a courtyard was worse. I understood I could not miss my opportunity. I put a roll-up outside and some people were interested and started to enter the shop; but the condominium administrator asked me to give it up. Then I paid a hostess to stay before the front door and inform people of the jewellery inside. Luckily, people started to enter and tell other people about my jewels.”
Sara has a shop in “Vico Belledonne” in Chiaia now. It is on the street and everybody can see her window and watch her creations. Her name is a known brand and her creations are also sold in other Neapolitan jewelleries.

Passion is sometimes so strong that we dare and risk without thinking.
In 2006 Sara still works as an amateur. Her hard work causes her, time after time, a problem in her wrist which will be operated. The operation has bad consequences and her arm is almost paralysed for more than one year. Jewellery seems lost. Difficulties, disappointment, long therapies and at last she starts moving again her arm, wrist, and her dream comes back.
Her cure was medicine, but, more than hospital treatment, she was helped by her great willpower. She knew that her future was her creativity and handiwork, and now she could work again.
Let’s start again!
Sara Lubrano is now an artisan completely taken by her work. Dedication is total commitment, devotion, pledged involvement, self-denial, to your activity.
And Sara’s beautiful creations express her dedication, because they are “true living beings”.
They are like their creator, lively and true.

“In all that I realize I like remembering our history. Even in my logo you can see a modern reproduction of an old Pompei earring hook”.
Sara Lubrano’s creations are inspired by the fascination of the great jewellery of ancient civilizations; she uses the ideas of the past to create contemporary jewels in shape and taste.
Her line of bags is also a homage to the classical artisan excellency. Its name is “Fibula”, like the particular buckle used to fasten ancient clothes to your shoulders or waist.
But when she chooses fabrics she thinks of the Eighteenth century and the precious textile productions of San Leucio. She studies all types of fabric and she chooses materials that are trendy and stylish for people of our world, then they are produced according to ancient textile techniques.
So jewels and bags are shaped according to tradition and innovation, they are the bridge joining innovation and history.

“I owe everything to my loyal customers. They give me encouragement. When they come back, I know they trust me and appreciate my work. Many jewels are made to order. When people must go to a party or event, they show me their clothes and hairstyle. I observe their appearance, face and features and I create proper jewels for them.”.
Sara Lubrano is attentive in studying her customers, their physical aspect and their personality, because jewellery is not only decoration of your body but also expression of your true self. Her customers are like friends for her, she knows them very well and they trust her. She has got strong customer relations skills. She can satisfy their human wishes, not only their need for a bag or a jewel, but also their wish for beauty.
Sara and her customers work together to create custom-made jewellery. She shows them her rough sketches, she explains them all the proceedings. If necessary, she builds some paper models to let the customers feel the development of the original idea. Before starting the actual production she also illustrates them the several kinds of production. So she reaches two fundamental goals: collecting information about their needs and establishing a meaningful relationship between the object she is creating and its future owner.

“I live and work as a Neapolitan person lives and does. I know that I can find friends and helpers everywhere in Napoli, I have an immense artistic and cultural heritage around me, I can see a spectacular landscape in every place… All this influences and helps the way I work and my relationship with people who choose my jewellery.”
Chiara Lubrano is a wonderful Neapolitan artisan. She is happy and proud of her being Neapolitan.
She declares, “If you are happy you can give something more”, and we believe her. Only a personal happiness produces so much artistic genius and love for people.

Sara Lubrano
gioielli artigianali

Vico Belledonne a Chiaja 7, 80121, Napoli



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